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Specialized industry design services for your control room or operation center.



We Understand Control Room Problems Better Than Anyone

Control Room Design

Designing a control room is far more that room layout. Design Matters takes into account over 100 measurable variables that directly impact distractions and performance.

On Site Consulting

We spend a significant amount of time on site with our clients. It is important for us to have a full understanding of what works well and what actually needs to be improved.

Training & Resources

We realize that not everyone is ready for or in need of a complete Control Room Design overhaul. With that in mind we have created a proprietary training tool called the CR Toolbox.

Our Clients

"Design Matters' professionalism and attention to detail has been invaluable for the success of our entire process. Steve Whitley was the “go-to guy” for coordinating the design efforts and was readily available throughout the entire process." — Jim Thompson, Centric Architecture


Our Projects

We've worked on some fantastic projects over the years. Here are a few things we've worked on lately.


Air Liquide image 1 Air Liquide image 2 2018-06-08 ACC Scope I - Control Room - View 1 2018-06-08 ACC Scope I - Control Room - View 2 2018-06-08 ACC Scope I - Control Room - View 3 2018-06-08 ACC Scope I - Control Room - View 8 consumers image 1 BR_Omohundro_large_053 BR_Omohundro_large_056 miss lime rendering 2 miss lime rendering 3 15-0237  Columbia Gas_RD_rm02 15-0237  Columbia Gas_RD_rm03 15-0237  Columbia Gas_RD_rm09 15-0237  Columbia Gas_RD_rm14 syngenta 11_08_2017 1 A Top syngenta 11_08_2017 5 DCIM100GOPROG1750625. DCIM100GOPROG1540604. DCIM100GOPROG1310577.

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