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Lighting: – Are you seeing as much as you think?

By Steve Whitley | Jun 4, 2015

We don’t work in an office Let’s start with this: control rooms are not like offices or any other room at your facility. The work that takes place in a control room is critical, time-sensitive, and unforgiving of errors. Since we know this to be the case, why is the lighting in a control room…

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Win one of two Extech LT300 Light Meters!

By Steve Whitley | Jun 4, 2015

We are giving away two Extech LT300 Light Meters – plus up to THREE BONUS chances to win! This meter will help you gauge the brightness of specific work areas and surfaces within your control room, identifying areas which could create safety, accuracy, or efficiency challenges. The MSRP for this model is $169.99. View Specifications Share…

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Inactivity: When doing less can be exhausting!

By Steve Whitley | May 11, 2015

When the plant, pipeline, system, or grid is running correctly, there are very few surprises. The system seems to quietly “run itself.” When we then minimize the room noise, eliminate distraction and interruption and improve the lighting, sightlines and ergonomics, there seems to be nothing working against your operator/controller. Or is there? There is little…

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Noise – Distracting Now, Devastating Later

By Steve Whitley | Apr 6, 2015

In the first installment of our series highlighting the short- and long-term effects of distractions within control room environments, we will cover the topic of noise. Alarms, alerts, radios, telephones, conversations, traffic… the list goes on and on. Control room noise seems to hit us from every direction and never seems to go away. Excess…

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Two Types of Errors created by poor Control Room Design

By Steve Whitley | Feb 10, 2015

Not all aspects of poor Control Room Design are immediately noticeable. I frequently encounter issues with the design of a control room that result in two types of errors: Immediate Errors and Fatigue-Related Errors.   Immediate Errors Immediate Errors are usually more apparent, though they may stay hidden until there is a critical event. They are…

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The Benefits of Control Room Audits

By Steve Whitley | Jan 21, 2015

One of the problems with evaluating a working environment is that familiarity leads to assumptions about what is and is not a problem within your control room. Objectivity can play a big role in identifying small problems that, while easily and inexpensively fixed, are often overlooked by operators that see them every day. Over the…

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By Steve Whitley | Nov 21, 2014

We are giving away one IRON HORSE Seating 3000 HD in Gray Leather with a Gray Microfiber Insert. *Pictured in black. Actual color will be Gray. The chair includes our standard headrest, tilt-up armrests and composite base. The MSRP for this model is $2,608. View Specifications This giveaway is sponsored by: Learn more about Iron…

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An Inside Look at SWA’s New Network Operations Control Center

By Steve Whitley | Jul 23, 2014

Southwest Airlines’ new Network Operations Control Center at Love Field in Dallas began operating on May 3 and keeping Southwest Airlines flying has never been easier, or more high tech. “We’ve provided a big grand room for our decision makers and our planners to see what the operation is telling us, the visual cues to…

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Designing a Control Room

By Steve Whitley | May 24, 2012

When designing a Mission Critical Control Room it is very easy to overlook critical factors that affect not only the operators but the entire operation of the company. Design Matters’ strategy creates an environment that allows operators in mission critical operations to be at a high level of alertness for prolonged periods of time. Design…

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Reduce Problems in Your Control Room

We have created a new training tool for Control Room Teams. It is a combination of videos, downloadable worksheets, and consulting all designed to reduce distractions in your control room.