Control Room Toolbox

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Our Team

Welcome to the Control Room Toolbox. This training is the product of decades of experience and thousands of hours spent in Control Rooms working with individuals much like yourself.

Things Covered in the Control Room Toolbox

  1. Traffic: Traffic is a much bigger issue than we realize. We accept control room traffic as being normal or even necessary, but he reality is that traffic brings with it distraction, interruption, poor communication and fatigue.
  2. Lighting: Inconsistent light levels, low light levels, reflection and glare create an environment that can cause eye strain and body fatigue, which can lead to missed or misread information for operators. A properly lit room can keep you alert, aware and safe so that you’re not fighting with your environment in order to safely perform your job.
  3. Noise: Alarms, alerts, radios, telephones, conversations—noise is everywhere in a control room. Without proper absorption and dispersion, noise can build up and negatively affect the operators in your control room. 
  4. Fatigue: Regardless of how well rested and ready for work an operator may be at the start of a shift, there are multiple elements within the control room itself that can fatigue an operator. If not address, fatigue can lead to danger in a control room.

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