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Getting Results That Count

Improved Results

Properly designed and functioning control rooms provide increased efficiency and operator accuracy, resulting in lower operating costs and a safe working environment both inside and outside of the control room. These results show themselves both in terms of cost savings and in improved morale and reduced turnover and training.

Increased Safety

Safety is everyone’s number one objective in the control room, but safety concerns aren’t always clear. Spotting early issues before they become dangerous situations protects personnel, equipment, and productivity. By communicating clearly and staying focused, any control room can ensure the safety of operators, visitors, contractors and the general public.

Smarter Building

A well-designed control room is not by definition expensive to build. In fact, a room designed for a specific use rather than to a general standard will avoid unnecessary expense. Additionally, a flexible design which allows for future changes and expansion will typically result in reduced build costs over the long term.

Protecting Investment

Large SCADA and DCS investments can be placed in jeopardy if the human element is not performing adequately. While most installations function without incident over 99% of the time, unplanned events do arise, and this is when people, equipment, and facilities are in the most jeopardy. By preventing damage, injury, and downtime, investments in a proper control room see a return in just a few moments.

Better HR Outcomes

The best environments will help to attract and retain top performing operators, reducing costs associated with administration, hiring, and training. Employee longevity also enhances company culture and morale, creating an environment where top talent in all areas of operation will desire to work.