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Designing a Control Room

When designing a Mission Critical Control Room it is very easy to overlook critical factors that affect not only the operators but the entire operation of the company. Design Matters’ strategy creates an environment that allows operators in mission critical operations to be at a high level of alertness for prolonged periods of time. Design Matters evaluates elements of the room that may go unnoticed by others such as lighting, traffic patterns, operator interaction, sightlines and acoustics. In fact, Design Matters addresses what we have identified and coined the “100 Critical Elements in Mission Critical Design”.

The purpose of designing a Mission Critical Control Room is to ensure that critical infrastructure is not disturbed and operational effectiveness is maintained. In other words, control room design needs to maximize efficiency and accuracy. Alert operators and a room that considers both normal operations and crisis mode operations lead to timely decisions, limitations on disruptions and distractions and reduction in errors.

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